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OTC Pathfinder II & III and 1996 Asian Training Videos, and Reference Manuals

OTC Pathfinder II & III plus asian training videos and reference manualsOTC Pathfinder II & III plus asian training videos and reference manuals

Product # 12-300-001

This is a complete set of the OTC Pathfinder II and III, plus 1996 Asian training videos and operations books for the OTC 2000, 4000, 4000E, 4000 Enhanced, and Enhanced OTC Monitor Scan Tools

Author: OTC

Coverage: Pathfinder II & III, Asian '96

Contents: 2 DVDs plus a CD.


PRICE: $39.95
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Dealer Specialty Tools
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This is a complete training library of videos for the OTC Pathfinder II and III cartridges as well as the 1996 Asian cartridge. This includes the reference manuals for the Pathfinder II and III series cartridges.

The videos have been converted from VHS to DVD format. The manuals have been converted from hard copy to electronic.

Because of the age and environment these products were used and stored in, required a vast number just to piece together decent copies. These are by no means perfect as the day they were produced. The resulting products are of acceptable quality to be used for references and training.

These products were typically sold separate from the scan tools, but were in upgrade kits at extra cost.

These products were intended as reference and training materials for the cartridges which were used in the 2000, 4000, 4000E, 4000 Enhanced, and Enhanced OTC Monitor Scan Tools.



Acceptance Agreement

To purchase these training and reference materials you are signifying that you already own a legal copy and understand that this is for replacement purposes only! If you do not agree with this do not purchase it.

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