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Mastering Communications & Controller Area Network (CAN)

Controller Area Networks Diagnostics video trainingController Area Networks Diagnostics

Product # 12-300-004

This DVD shows you how to repair CAN vehicles even when your scan tool does not communicate properly with the PCM, like when you get no scan data or service codes at all.

Author: MPC

Contents: 1 DVD, 145 minutes

PRICE: $129.95
Miller Air Bag (SRS) Service Tools
test and service the air bag systems on Chrysler vehicles

Dealer Specialty Tools
dealer level specialty tools to properly repair without damaging components


The instructors, Dr. Norman Nall and Bill Peek, show you where to hook up your lab scope along the circuits so you can locate the problem.You will also learn how to tell the difference between module failures and wiring problems.

Bumper to bumper programs do not give you many of the signals required to know if the modules are bad or if the vehicle has a wiring problem.

This 145 minute DVD shows you how to tell the difference right away.

Dr. Norman Nall and Bill Peek make it easy to identify the cause of complex CAN & Communication problems by giving you all of the CAN and communication protocol signals used over the last 20 years on all domestic and imported vehicles.

This DVD shows you how to identify each manufacturer specific lab-scope pattern since they are all different. You must know the differences between manufacturer specific CAN signals or you will end up sending CAN vehicles away.

With Mastering Communications & CAN DVD you are able to service any system that communicates with the vehicle's PCM. Everything is covered from:

bullet air bags
 bullet brakes
 bullet 03 Ssuspension
 bullet security
 bullet System 6
 bullet you name it…anything that communicates with the vehicle's PCM.

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