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OTC Pathfinder II & III

Otc videos and books to explain the funtion and use of the OTC Monitor series scan tools data cartridges.- details -

OTC Pathfinder II & III videos and books

Hybrid Vehicle Operation & Diagnostics video

Learn Hybrid vehicle technologies at your own pace and repeat as often as you need a refresher.

- details -
Hybrid Vehicle indepth video training

Misfire Code Fuel Monitor diagnostics video

The easiest way to locate and repair misfire codes and fuel monitoring feedback codes.

- details -
Misfire Code and Fuel Monitoring Diagnostics and repair video training

CAN Network training video

Learn how the Controller Area Network functions, how to test and repair properly the first time.

- details -
Controller Area Networks (CAN) diagnostics and repair video

Lab Scope - DSO training video

Most likely you are not using your lab scope or Digital Storage Oscilliscope (DSO) to its full potemtial. This will help you get more out of it with ease. Includes best settings for your DSO / lab scope.- details -

Lab scope / DSO training and optimal settings video


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Why Use Continuing Education Videos

When you attend an after hours training session, you might come away with something useful, if the instructor was really great at getting his points across and you were not too tired from working all day or distracted otherwise.

Studies show that you might retain as much as 4% of his presentation the following day. However, as time goes forward, you lose more and more of his presentation!

We are not suggesting that live instructor led presentations are valueless, but just the opposite! These are just better. They are about the same cost as a one night 3 to 4 hour instructor led training class, that can be repeated over and over and over again!

With these videos, you can continue to watch, listen and learn every time you need a little help or refresher. They can help you absorb 10 to 20 times as much. This will not only improve your speed and accuracy, but it can effect your income.

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