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If this is your first visit with us WELCOME! We invite you to look around, just use the links all over the site, and don't rush as there is lots to take in

Make sure to stop by our ever growing selection of tools, software and data systems. Also make sure you visit the "Articles and Reveiws" sections as we have placed quite a bit of information there.

Our flagship 2X80S obd2 scan tools are continously updated to make them the best available, and offer you more value for your money. We want to not only earn your business, but your trust as well.

We do make mistakes and we try to correct them. One large mistake we have made is trying to make our site search engine friendly for search engines like Google. Unfortunately want they want and need does not necessarily compliment what you, our customers and visitors want. So effective immediately we no longer care about them- ONLY YOU!

For the past 18 months 3 of our staff and 6 'virtual assistants' have been independently reading, researching, and monitoring everything available concerning the auto industry. After a "virtual roundtable" their findings were presented to the company.

IF they are remotely correct OBD III has been here for 3 years and everyone on the planet that drives, rides in, or uses transportation needs to become familiar with how vehicles operate and more importantly communicate with each other, traffic controls, the car makers and governments.

We realized that we need to help you get in front of all the changes happening in the auto industry. Many of these changes are not and will not be good for you. It does not matter if you are a mechanic, a technician, a novice, a hobbyist or just a vehicle driver, these changes will effect you.

As you know, we constantly improve the 2X80S scan tools and the software, data systems, and training that comes with it. These extras are not available from any other scan tool supplier. With that release, the 2X80S will literally start eliminating the line from generic to enhanced level scan tool without any other software purchases.

Originally, we anticipated releasing v7 of our disc in June 2015.  We have decided to withhold the release date until we have had adequate time to check compatibility with Microsoft's Windows 10 release, which is scheduled for late July 2015 according to their most recent press releases.

v7's data size will most likely have us move to a DVD format vs a CD format. We are considering placing all of this info on a USB type storage device, but of course that would increase the cost and retail as well.

We have performed some comparisions of our 2X80S to the top competitors and have that in several places on the site. After the release of v7, we will reveal more specifics.

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    A New Format & Renewed Mission

We are changing the format of our site to be more pleasing on the eye, include lots of new material and ease of function to aid you.

One of these changes will be the elimination of our "Members Area" and all the materials in it. So, if you have not downloaded all that info, you should make a point of doing it very soon.

We have many other changes planned such as a monthly prize contest available only to customers.

We welcome your comments, and encourage you to drop us a message. Even if it is only to tell us that a link on our site does not work. Or anything else for that matter.

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