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Misfire, No Code and Fuel Control Diagnostics

Misfire, No Code & Fuel Control Diagnostics video trainingMisfire, No Code & Fuel Control Diagnostics video training

Product # 12-300-003

This 222 minute Misfire, No Code & Fuel Control Diagnostics DVD shows you a revolutionary 5 minute test procedure that quickly identifies high resistance plug wire problems, arcing wires and lean injectors with possible worn spark plugs.

This way you can avoid taking an hour or two testing all the wires, cleaning injectors and checking spark plugs.

Author: MPC

Contents: 1 DVD

PRICE: $129.95
Miller Air Bag (SRS) Service Tools
test and service the air bag systems on Chrysler vehicles

Dealer Specialty Tools
dealer level specialty tools to properly repair without damaging components


This Misfire, No Code & Fuel Control Diagnostics DVD shows you how to master:
 bullet monitor testing
 bullet secondary ignition testing
 bullet primary current testing
 bullet DIS, Coil-On Plug
 bullet wide-band AFR sensor testing
 bullet shortcut waveform analysis
 bullet EGR
 bullet and more.

Sometimes your scan tool does not communicate properly with the PCM. DVD  shows how to do the advanced diagnostics required when you get no scan data or service codes at all. By understanding where to hook up your lab scope along the circuits, you can isolate the problem and repair the vehicle.

This Misfire, No Code & Fuel Control Diagnostics DVD shows you how to quickly diagnose and repair the most troublesome Misfire, No Code and Fuel Control problems on domestic and imported vehicles by using simple lab scope and scan tool techniques.

Learn the latest diagnostic procedures that dealerships don’t want you to know and eliminate rechecks forever.

We’ve got the newest shortcuts for solving Misfire and Fuel Control problems that eat up time and profits in a shop.

This DVD goes far beyond the IM240 test because as you know, a lot of vehicles can pass their emissions test but still have misfire and fuel control problems. We show you how to identify those problems the first time around. Increase your profits on Fuel Control and Misfire work without purchasing any additional equipment.

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