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Chrysler Air Bag Load Tool Kit # 8310

Chrysler  Air Bag Load Tool Kit # 8310Chrysler  Air Bag Load Tool Kit # 8310

Product ID #05-200-001

Miller / Chrysler load tool kit # 8310 is used to properly and safely test the different components within the air bag / supplemental restraint system (SRS) without deploying the airbags from faulty test procedures and or lack of equipment.

Manufacturer: Miller / OTC / Chrysler
Components: 8310

PRICE: $1179.48
Hybrid Vehicle Operation and Diagnostics Training
meets OSHA training; best hybrid diagnostics available

Misfire Code and Fuel Monitor Diagnostics
learrn the professional shortcuts and eliminate comebacks

Component photos courtesy Miller Tool Company

Use this Miller (SRS) Supplemental Restraint System Load Tool for diagnostics during service procedures on MY 2000 through current Chrysler Corporation Vehicles.

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Our OEM tool distributors have granted us access to some of their repossessed tools inventories. These are the same idential tools supplied to the captive manufacturer's dealer. Since they are mostly repossessed tools do expect cosmetic damage (eg: minor wear, surface conditions). You will be rewarded with 30 to 60 percent off retail prices, most kits include the carry / storage case.

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