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OBD Diagnostic Computer Command Control (C3) Fundamentals 85

gm Computer Command Control (C3) Fundamentals 85 training book gm Computer Command Control (C3) Fundamentals 85 training book

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This second in the Product Service Training fundamentals books has 162 pages of information that expands on the original Computer Command Control (C3) 81- 83 Generation I OBD I Driveability Diagnosis with updates in additional components, and updated testing.

This book should be used in conjunction with the original and Computer Command Control (C3) Performance Diagnostics 82- 84
GM PST 16016.05-1

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: Computer Command Controls- Fundamentals
Pages: 162
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $34.95
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Like most Product Service Training books from the manufacturers it walks you through an understanding of how the component was designed to function, why the design, and how to test it. This hand holding can bring even a novice to an understanding of proper procedures.

In these types of fundamental books, they start with the system that is the most difficult for them to control and that can create the greatest problems. Then they continue until they cover the complete system

This is the basics of all OBD functions even used today. This was the second generation OBD I system that GM produced. They were extremely advanced as compared to Ford and Chrysler of that era and most of their components names, design and functions were later adopted by the SAE for inclusion into OBD II systems.

Asian manufacturers never achieved this level of diagnostic capability until the late 1980s to early 1990s. OBD I systems are not considered by some to have existed until that time period even though GM had a diagnostic system Computer Command Control (C3) in place and functioning corporate wide in late 1979.

bulletThe book starts with the fuel management system and progresses on to the AIR management system, These two systems are the foundation of the protection of the catalytic converter and its ability to clean up the emissions.

bulletIt then proceeds into ignition spark management, including the EST and ESC subsystems. The two subsystems cause lots of people untold problems because they do not under understand their fundamental function within the overall system. The later design of this system was incorporated into the OBD II performance metric.

bulletIt moves into the changes of idle control to provide safety for the motorists and a smooth running vehicle. It then moves into the transmission Torque converter clutch for increased fuel economy, how it applies, when, and how to test it with a simple test drive.

bulletFrom here it moves on into the related emissions control equipment that can create problems and how it works, how to test it. The components are PCV valve, EGR valve, ThermAC system, EFE system, and EVAP system.

bulletThen it shows you the tools you will need to do the job correctly and how to use them, and into on car system diagnostics with the flow charts and finally finishes up with a glossary to reinforce what you have learned.

These are most of the same systems found on any current production vehicle, only the new cars have some refinements but they operate and test the same.

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Product Service Training

These books are easy to understand, and applicable to a single subject. The book information is more in depth than even their own service manuals. The books include the original mechanic's notes and we strongly suggest that you read those notes with great care!

These books were never distributed outside of the manufacturers product service training channel.

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