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SmartSpec Diagnostic Specifications

SmartSpec Diagnostic Specifications CDSmartSpec Diagnostic Specification CD

Product # 06-300-009

This priceless CD covers every domestic car, light truck, jeep, van, mini-van and SUV from 1990 through 2003. The most accurate engine performance specifications and straight line test procedures ever developed.

Author: ADMS

MY Coverage: 1980 - 2003

Contents: CD.

PRICE: $149.95
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This Specifications CD masterpiece contains complete circuit wiring diagrams for each OBDII sensor and concise troubleshooting instructions for diagnosing each sensor and all the wires associated with it. These revolutionary OBDII sensor diagrams show you the PCM, the pin number, and how each wire is routed from the pin number directly to the sensor. This way, you get the complete circuit clearly displayed from start to finish.
 bullet Every power
 bullet Every ground
 bullet Every splice
 bullet Every relay

We hand draw every single OBDII PCM pin connector diagram and put them on a full page so they are easy to read. We color code them just like they are in the vehicle and we tell you literally what color wire goes to which pin and what the testing signal values are for each wire. This eliminates the spaghetti bowl of other wires that have nothing to do with the circuit you are diagnosing.

The diagrams eliminate the need to print out several pages of bumper to bumper wiring diagrams, taping them together, and the use of a magnifying glass to find the circuit that you’re diagnosing. Bumper to bumper programs are great for re-publishing large volumes of factory data, but this is also what prohibits them from developing precise scan data that is model specific, field tested and easy to locate.

This proprietary information is published only after spending thousands of hours testing vehicles in real world conditions, and recording readings from vehicles running at their peak performance. This way, you end up with the most accurate and complete library of signal value measurements and scan data for all the sensors and components under the hood.

This information is not available anywhere else in the world. When a sensor or component is operating within the MPC ranges, you know that it is healthy. The further out from the MPC range that a component measures, the more likely it is to fail…even if it still falls within the manufacturer’s ranges. When our specifications differ from the generic OEM information, we show you their broad data alongside ours so you can see the difference.

Our expanded OBDII field-tested service code descriptions show you three unique headings that will ensure that you have fixed everything related to the code problem “Enabling Conditions”, “Blocking Actions” and “Testing”.

Enabling Conditions; tells you what condition the vehicle must be in for its self-test to run. For example, we’ll tell you whether the vehicle needs a road test or a cold test.

Blocking Conditions (terminology coined by us). This is written directly into the code description, exactly which sensors and monitors to check, so the technician will know how to verify if there are any hidden, suspended or pending codes that will trip the check engine light after giving the vehicle back to the customer. Understanding Blocking Conditions will help you eliminate rechecks (comebacks) and one half of the global test drives by replicating (in your shop) the conditions needed to run the vehicle’s self tests.

Testing;  area gives you the exact steps to resolve the original code problem. This section includes the color coding of the wires that you need to test. Our master technicians and trainers give you over 30 pinpoint test procedures for such things as:
 bullet Resetting minimum idle
 bullet PFI testing
 bullet Coolant temperature sensor
 bullet TPS sensor
 bullet Map sensor
 bullet Vacuum sensor
 bullet O2 sensor testing and advanced wave form pattern analysis
 bullet battery, ground, alternator, starter,

Decades of expertise in developing diagnostic short-cuts have been incorporated into the instructions.

Another unique feature is a link between each sensor diagram directly to the service code description associated with it. So now when you’re working with an OBDII code that requires a sensor or monitor to be tested, you can simply click on the link with that sensor’s name on it, and a diagram with each of the wire’s diagnostics pops up instantly.

These fuel pump system diagrams are one of a kind. These diagrams have condensed circuit drawings of the entire fuel system from the PCM to the fuel pump module and include everything that lies on the circuit such as the splices, relays, switches, power and ground locations. Each diagram gives you a red highlighted overlay on the individual circuit which shows the correct place to test current flow with a volt-OHM meter so you can tell definitively if a pump is good or bad without the use of a lab scope. But, if you prefer using a lab scope for that, we give you the most complete library of lab scope patterns ever developed, with which you can tell instantly if the pump is bad. When its readings do not match the measurements, we give you instructions at the bottom of the diagram.

For shops that do current ramping (or low-amps probe testing) the Specifications CD contains what is commonly known as “one time” and “peak amps” measurement values. Research shows that the low-amps probe testing can identify another 30% to 50% of the fuel injector failures that resistance values alone will not locate.

The Specifications CD has eliminated the problem of finding information quickly. You simply don’t have to waste time searching for information anymore because all the leg-work is done for you. This program collects all the information from all the components under the hood and puts it onto just two easy to read and understand pages. Simply print the two pages, attach to the work order and you’re ready to begin diagnosis. Every feature on our Specifications CD is designed to get you to the solution for the code problem in a fraction of the time it would take to follow the convoluted diagnostic trees in your bumper to bumper programs.

This treasure covers all of the 1990-2003 domestic cars, light trucks, jeeps, vans, mini-vans, and SUVs.

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Professional Level Information and Training

We have personally used many of the products from this advanced training company. Their top trainers are former SPX / OTC trainers that took their craft to a whole new level. They make complex subjects very understandable.

Their information contained in the specifications CD is not available anywhere else. Many users of this CD keep asking for them to update it.

When the car is on specs, the car doesn't simply run right, It Runs Great!

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