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4 Channel Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

hantek 4 channel oscilliscope for mechanicshantek 4 channel oscilliscope for mechanics

Product ID # 02-300-002

This compact 4 channel PC based USB Digital Oscilliscope was engineered specifically for automotive diagnostic use and has as many features as a stand alone unit would have for a fraction of the cost. The unit comes with or without a Function Generator.

With or without Function Generator same price.

Manufacturer: Hantek
Contents: 4 Channel Oscilliscope, carry case, leads, software

PRICE: $895.95
Miller Air Bag (SRS) Service Tools
test and service the air bag systems on Chrysler vehicles

Dealer Specialty Tools
dealer level specialty tools to properly repair without damaging components

Typically the function generator model is more expensive, except here you choose what you need not what your pocketbook says, because both models are the same price.

Product Details:

bullet 4 Channels and EXT trigger, 60MHz Bandwidth.

bullet 200MS/s real-time sampling rate, 10k--16M  memory depth per Channel

bullet Frequency Counter, FFT spectrum analysis.

bullet 8--36V Wide range of input voltage, suitable for vehicle power test.

bullet More than 20 types of automatic measuring functions, PASS/FAIL Check function

bullet USB 2.0 interface plug and play, LAN and WIFI are optional

bullet Suitable for engineering applications

bullet Excellent industrial design, similar interface with bench oscilloscope, easy to use.

SomeTypical Uses:
 bullet Vehicle data network communications
 bullet Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
 bullet Ignition (primary and secondary)
 bullet Injectors and fuel pumps
 bullet Starter and charging circuits
 bullet Batteries, alternators and starter motors  &;bullet Glow plugs / timer relays
 bullet CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

Package includes:
 bullet Oscilliscope Module
 bullet Probe sets x4
 bullet Power Supply & USB cable
 bullet Protective Carrying Case
 bullet Software on CD

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