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Lab Scope Coach

snap on lab scope coach training kitsnap on lab scope coach training kit


Product ID # 02-300-003

This training kit is designed to train mechanics in proper lab scope usage. It includes the Snap On glitch insertion board.

Having a lab scope is one thing, but knowing how to use it and spot problems is not something that can be described. You simply have to experience it.

Manufacturer: Snap On Trainers
Contents: Training Manual & Snap On Glitch Insertion Board

PRICE: $475.95
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This lab scope training kit is the same one sold by Snap On and their trainers. It will guide you through understanding lab scopes without classroom instruction.

 bullet Required purchase for Snap On instructor led training

 bullet Learn how to find those very intermittent problems.

 bullet Save time and frustration in your diagnostics.

 bullet Includes the Snap On Glitch insertion board.

 bullet Pages are loose leaf type, protected in clear vinyl.

This is a complete kit that normally sells for over $750.00 elsewhere, where you would be required to attend a live training session at additional cost.

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