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Subaru OBD I Software and Adapter Cable KIt

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subaru legacy obd 1 diagnostic kitsubaru legacy obd 1 diagnostic kit

Model #kit-subaru par/com

This kit includes Subaru OBD1 adapter cable and software. photo is representative

Parallel Kit PRICE: $22.95
Serial Kit PRICE: $29.95

This cd contains the B10 software program to access the 1990-1994 Subaru Legacy vehicles data stream from the computer. This software is self booting and runs from the cd supplied. It is operating system independent.

The kit is sold in two varieties;

  • parallel port cable
    • serial port (com. rs232) cable

The software can not access using a usb adapter attached to the cable.

Simply attach the cable to the parallel or serial port of your laptop. Connect it to the car's OBD 1 connector located near the fuse block. Set your computer to boot from the CD / DVD drive. Place the CD into your drive and reboot your computer. Either start your car or turn the ignition on. The program will load and give you access to the car's data stream..

This OBD I program was not developed to use any operating system, usb, or Bluetooth (WiFi) connections. This is GNU software.

When you reboot your computer after using the program, you may need to reset the date and time on your computer.


Included on the cd are the help files and licensing agreement.



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