OBD 2 Entry Level Diagnostic Kit

This entry level OBD 2 diagnostic kit is the bare minimum for anyone wanting to properly diagnose a car, minivan, suv or truck.

This entry level diagnostic kit includes the 2X80S scan tool that is so easy to install and use you probably won't need the included installation guide.

It includes our OBD 2 Baseline Procedures Guide.

Also included is the ScanMaster Elm obd 2 scan tool software. This software is so easy to use, but has all the features you will need, like graphing, auto populating the live data grid with the information from the car, checking codes, retrieveing freeze frame data, clearing codes and more.

It has other capabilities like 0 to 60 mph perfomance testing to check the claims of those new performance parts.

If you want to know more about the individual pieces just click the links.



entry level obd 2 diagnostic kit
entry level obd 2 diagnostic kit

Product ID # 02-100-001

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This Professional grade obd diagnostic kit includes our popular 2X80S USB Scan Tool with Scanmaster automotive diagnostic software. This combination is fantastic as it achieves quick reliable connections, full generic data, graph multiple sensors or switches at the same time, Freeze Frame, Diagnostic Monitors, multi page reports, and many more capabilities.

The software has exceptional reviews all over the internet. To view Scan Master capability go to its page on our site. Suffice to say we use this package ourselves!

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