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Chrysler OBD Electronic Fuel Injection Functional Analysis and Diagnostic Training

Chrysler Electronic Fuel Injection Analysis and Diagnostic training bookChrysler Electronic Fuel Injection Analysis and Diagnostic training book

Product ID 09-200-003

A very good 94 page introductory book explaining the Chrysler approach to Electronic Fuel Injection systems. It includes good pictographs and drawings of the components and locations.
Chrysler PST # 81-699-6022R

Manufacturer: Chrysler
Coverage: Fuel Injection Systems
Pages: 94
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $19.95
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bulletSystem Components and Locations; good pictographs of the components and their locations.

bulletSystem operation; Discussion of the way the system was designed to function, which is carried through to current production vehicles. How they calculate speed density, what effect temperature has on programming for start / restart.

bulletLogic and Power module Pin outs and Explanations; Thorough discussion of the Logic Module (PCM0 and what circuits connect to what pins allowing the mechanic to test sensors, actuators, and relays better.

bulletFunctional Analysis; Teaches the proper way to test the sensors, relays, actuators. Includes fault code (DTC) descriptions

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