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OBD Pros Scanner Software Review

This review is about the OBD Pros v1.0 of their scan tool software. This is the software distributed with their obd2 scan tool. Look at the main interface photo and if you get the idea that you have seen this software before, you are RIGHT!

               obd pros scanner software v1.0


This software is the same software as released by scantoolnet under the GNU license. In fact, OBD Pros has included the source code as required under the GNU license. The only differences I can see is the main interface page has different photos and different branding names. If you want to learn more about the software just read the review of the ScanTool LLc software posted on our site.

The last version of this software from scantoolnet before they ceased development in 2009 was version 1.15. It is unknown which version this program is of the GNU software. It is highly likely that it is version 1.13. Since this is the same software as the scatoolnet distribution, this software will not be included in the Cd that accompanies our 2X80S Scan Tool.

Most of these FREE type OBD2 Scan Tool software distributions are now aged, but many people still want to use them rather than buying a professional quality scan tool software package like ScanMaster ELM, or others which we highly recommend and distribute.

If you must use one of these type programs then by all means either use the latest released version or one that we posted better reviews of.

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Comparing our 2X80S to competitors

Controls Data Corruption
Improved Data Speed
Enhanced Software Included
Phone Tablet PDA Capable
Multiple PC Applications
Multiple Phone Tablet PDA Applications
2 Wheel Vehicle Applications
Component Specs
OBD Training
Legacy OS Support
  Yes or Included           No or not included              Some or limited
All above information is based on published information as of 01/2015 or products purchsed to confirm

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