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OBD 2007 Scan Tool Software Review

OBD 2007 is a product of GLM Software. There are 3 versions of the program, 2 commercial versions and 1 free version, called “Lite”. This review covers all current versions of this automotive diagnostic scan tool software. The software is available from the company website and several distributors. Both the commercial and free versions require an online registering of the product with the company servers.

One commercial version is for contemporary Microchip and ELM type scan tools like the 2X80S Scan Tool. The other version is currently functional only with the OBD Pros type IC programmed tools. The commercial versions are fully mode 1 through 9 enabled, however the free version has several important modes disabled. The software includes an online help file in case you have a question that needs addressed quickly.

The company offers a fully functional 7 day free trial of the commercial scan tool software. This 7 day free trial allows enough time for anyone to properly test the software. The company has never had to issue a refund because of this policy of a free 7 day trial, which is rather impressive.

This automotive diagnostic scan tool software connects easily to the vehicle by auto selecting the correct com port, and auto identifying the proper protocol. The software auto identifies the Scan Tool, IC hardware version, the different vehicle controllers, the battery voltage, and more. On our primary test vehicle with the 9141-2 protocol, it connected at 57,600 with the commercial version on both scan tools. The “Lite” version connected at 57,600 using the 2X80S scan tool, but only 38,400 with the ELM Scan 5 tool. We tried this several times as we found it odd, but the results were always the same.

                obd 2007 connection screen

The software interface is extremely well organized. It auto populates the available sensor readings (PIDs). The PIDS are presented vertically on one page, with min, max, and average readings displayed. This allows the professional mechanic to observe the readings that are important for this diagnostic without having to scroll through multiple pages of useless unpopulated PIDs. The window is tabbed at the top and allows the maximum viewing space for the professional.

                obd2007 pid screen

The software has the capability of graphing up to 4 PIDs at one time, this is user selectable on the fly. This feature is great for monitoring pre and post catalytic converter oxygen sensors and performing many other dynamic tests, in both the Key On Engine Off and Key On Engine Running states.

                obd2007 pid graphing

This scan tool software auto starts “diagnostic logging”, however the “OBD logging” must be turned on by the user. The “diagnostic logging” is in raw hexadecimal format exactly as it is received from the PCM and used by GLM Software if the customer has a support issue.

The second “OBD Logging” is in human readable format which allows the professional to test drive the vehicle and record the data for later playback and analysis to assist with intermittent problems. This can be turned on at any time you are in continuous read mode of the PIDs. To stop the recording requires clicking the Cancel button on the same tab, or tabbing to another test, or the logging will automatically cease as soon as you disconnect from the vehicle. Using the Playback feature allows analysis of the data collected, and all tabs available during continuous read mode are also available while in playback mode.

The free version “Lite” is a an excellent scan tool software package for hobbyists, however I must warn them that when they get use to seeing the data presented in a format that professionals like, they will want to upgrade to the commercial version. However that is not a bad thing as they will probably save time and money as a result of the upgrade.

The commercial versions are something that most professionals and enthusiasts would gladly include into their tools as it has many features they need as well as the company is in constant upgrade thinking to help the professional. There are several new features to be implemented soon which should help the professional with their job. This commercial scan tool software is highly recommended to professionals and enthusiasts.

Updated Information:

This software is NOT bluetooth enabled and as such can only be used with a USB or Com (serial) Port scan tool.

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