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Easy OBD II Scan Tool Software Review

The company suggests that you test their software prior to purchasing as they do not offer refunds. They offer 1 year email support service packages at additional cost. This support package covers the software only, not any scan tool issues. Previous versions of the software are available as free downloads (Open Source). The current software version is 3.4 and they have been required to make several changes to the software for the Scan Tool LLC ELM Scan 5 product.

One of their latest improvements to v3.4 was to increase the communication speeds achievable to 115,000 baud. This was included in the free versions as well. They are currently suggesting a version 4 may be coming soon.

To obtain any version of the software, even the latest free version (2.4) you must create an account and supply complete contact information. The company web site has one fluke, when you try to check out you must be using Internet Explorer. The web site has information that it will be updated soon; hopefully the check out quirk can be eliminated. 

This software appears to have been created with the distribution focused on one scan tool distributor only and that focus is still visible today. The software attempts to identify if the scan tool is a Scan Tool LLC. If it is not then you must tell it what scan tool you are using. It probably uses the header info in the tool IC programming to discern this. The software is easy to use and connects to com ports above 9.

The software connected easily with both of our test scan tools and maintained good connections to the vehicle. It connected at 38,400 baud with both scan tools on our test vehicle, a 9141-2 protocol with a communication speed specification of 10,400 baud.

The software interface is a little cluttered in design, but can be navigated easily emough. The free version tested does have the diagnostic monitors available. The on screen controls for non supported testing are grayed out.  The data is not all contained on one screen, thus you must navigate from screen to screen to obtain the data. The data does not display certain sensor data (PIDs) immediately. It appears this restriction is there until some time factor has been achieved or until the vehicle achieves closed loop operation (fuel control is present).  It will not present data for certain sensors and switches for Key On Engine Off (KOEO) baseline testing.

easy obdii main screen

A professional wants to check the data in many states such as Key On Engine Off (KOEO), Key On Engine Running (KOER) testing would also include cold in open loop and in closed loop operation. It has no graphing capability in the test version perhaps that will be available in version 4.

easy obd ii data screen

The company provides excellent and very courteous support. Questions are answered rather quickly by email.

This software is very similar to many other free or low priced software programs and as such is not acceptable to a professional. However the typical home user or hobbyist would probably not find this a problem. It is not recommended for professionals or enthusiasts.

easy obd ii diagnostic monitors screen

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