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Transmission Shift Quality Relearn ProcedureŽ Chrysler

This procedure applies to any OBD I Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth vehicle that is equipped with the A604 transmission, sometimes referred to as the 413 or later the 41TE/AE . Do not use this procedure for any OBD II vehicle.

This procedure will quickly optimize the shift quality where the battery has been disconnected or the voltage supply to the transaxle controller (TCM) has been interrupted.

1) Warm up the transaxle to full operating temperature by allowing it to idle in park.

2) Check the transmission fluid level, park brake applied, selector lever in neutral (N) and adjust the level as required but do not overfill.

3) Set the transaxle upshift learn procedure by operating the vehicle with a constant throttle opening during shifts.

4) CAUTION: Do not move the accelerator pedal during upshifts

5) Accelerate the vehicle with a throttle opening angle between 10 and 50 degrees. Operate the vehicle until the transaxle performs the 1--2, 2-3, and 3-4 upshifts at least 15 to 20 times.

6) NOTE: Accelerating the vehicle from a stop to about 45 mph at moderate throttle angle (20-25 degrees) is sufficient.

7) To set the transaxle kickdown (passing gear) learn procedure, operate the vehicle with a speed less than 25mph, while making 5-8 wide open throttle kickdowns to 1st gear from either 2nd or 3rd gear.

8) CAUTION: Allow the transaxle time to stabilize by operating in 2nd or 3rd gear for at least 5 seconds before performing a kickdown.

9) Repeat step 7 & 8 at a greater speed than 25mph, preferably about 45 mph. This should allow for kickdowns from 4-3 or 4-2 gears. Exercise the caution of step 8.

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