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Wagner Brake Fluid Tester

Wagner Brake Fluid TesterWagner Brake Fluid Tester


Product ID # 02-300-006

Tests brake fluid properly to verify the need to flush the system. Easy to operate. Obtain results in under 5 minutes. Prevent hydraulic component failure from contaminated brake fluid.

Manufacturer: Wagner Brake
Contents: Tester, case, sample bootle and dropper

PRICE: $349.95
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Dealer Specialty Tools
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Very simple to operate:
 bullet Just capture a fluid sample from the car, in the testing bottle.
 bullet Attach the tester leads to the car's battery.
 bullet Press and hold the test button. When the graphic display completes, it displays the boiling point of the fluid and the need to flush or not.

Package includes:
 bullet Tester
 bullet Fluid capture bottle
 bullet Fluid "Eyedropper"
 bullet Tester end cap
 bullet Carry / storage case

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