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OBD2 Vehicle Explorer - Car Code OBD2 Scan Tool

OBD2 Vehicle Explorer-Car Code obd2 scan toolOBD2 Vehicle Explorer-Car Code obd2 scan tool

Product ID # 01-300-001

Vehicle Explorer – Car Code obd2 scan tool enhanced data diagnostic kit is the choice of professional mechanics that need to gather data from all the vehicles computers. It has been programmed to access the obd2 enhanced data on vehicles especially those with known communications problems.

Supports all OBD II protocols. Can be used as a data recorder to record data for up to 13 YEARS.  VE-CC monitors network messages so the mechanic can tell if a computer is creating problems or not working.  VE-CC  can  generate pre and post repair reports for archiving or proof of repairs. Can access the Crash Data Recorder (CDR) controller on many supported vehicles!

Manufacturer: Alex Pepper VE/CC
Contents: Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool with Car Code software


The manufacturer was supposed to have provided an updated software for this tool in September 2013, but that never happened. We still like the tool and will continue with sales, however you should understand the software has not been upgraded since 2010 and any future upgrades are unlikely.


PRICE: $249.95
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Software: Car Code included

Output protocol; RS232 (USB w/ included adapter)

OBD-II Protocols:
ISO15765-4 (CAN)
ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)
J1850 VPW
J1850 PWM

Browser Features

bullet Auto connect, load and run multiple defined favorite data and custom settings within 1 second. View multiple computers with same connection.
 bullet 6 gauge designer screening Dashboard, supports over 200 instruments with adjustable 17 inch digital numerical displays, colors, audio and iPod output
 bullet Tabbed browser with multiple windows for simultaneous views and graphs of device control manipulations.


bullet View up to 255 servers (computers) in your car at the same time, send and receive messages, down load data, scan network, with indexed search and firewall options.
 bullet Analyze over 1200 possible data variables (PIDs) from your car (real time or freeze frame) includes torque, knock retard, boost and misfire enhanced powertrain specific analog, digital and text items for Ford,GM,Subaru,and Toyota
 bullet 0 to 100% throttle time, 150-0 brake time, maximum air flow rate of change, HP, fuel economy and any obd-2 data equation
 bullet Check and reset over 15,000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) including various brakes and radio. No wrong codes with specfic enhanced requests.
 bullet Aanalyze test result limits for Catalytic Converter and Oxygen sensor life, view Oxygen sensor evaluations. Includes manufacturer definitions, component numbers and PASS-FAIL reuslts.
 bullet 255 Extended data entry search tool at byte level.
 bullet Euro Stage-3+ Global UN data includes wide range A/F (Oxygen Sensors) and Catalytic Converter temperature with 10 point time stamped glitch capture.
 bullet Instant message always on fast connect trouble code alarms and monitoring request timers. 11 Diagnostic Monitors with ready, enabled, performance and complete status for each drive cycle.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes
 bullet Core, generic, fundamental values, with manufacturer defined test, network and trouble code definitions.
 bullet Enhanced vehicle specfic code, data, test, identification, EPA bi-directional and manufacturer device control functions all include evaporative.


bullet Network message monitor with descriptions for Daimler-Chry. Ford, GM. Check for wire tap, virus, spyware and network security.
 bullet Can be used to identify computers that are not communicating.

Flight Data Recorder
 bullet Store up to 13 years of continuous data and play back flight recorder digital media system.

Report Generator

bullet Real time with comments, vehicle data base, custom real time print, web or spreadsheet export, copy-paste VIN and log, 1ms date-time stamp and optional GPS postion.

Additional Info

bullet Driving trace coaches for fuel economy and state inspection, includes 2 and 4 mph error bars.
 bullet Used in EPA CARB OBD2 development since 1995. OEM since 1978. Vehicle import and performance certification available.
 bullet View Crash Data Recorder (CDR) data on many of the CDR enabled vehicles from 1996 to current.


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista-32 bit, 7(Ultimate & Professional 32 and 64 bit)

Kit includes the Enhanced data Scan Tool, COM cable, USB adapter, and software.

Software functions and specific vehicle application coverage is in this pdf prepared by us from the manufacturer's website data.

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