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OBD2 Performance Testing Procedures

obd2 performance testing procedures guideobd2 performance testing procedures guide

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This obd2 performance testing procedures guide is a no-nonsense guidebook written by practicing obd2 diagnostics mechanics that reduces thousands of pages of manufacturers testing procedures to an easy to follow very accurate quick test method.

Publisher: Straight Talk Automotive
Coverage: OBD2 Performance Tesing Procedures Guide
Pages: 41
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $34.98

OBD II Scan Tool
tools to connect to vehicle onboard diagnostic computers

OBD2 ScanTool Software
software used to properly diagnose obd2 vehicles

This obd2 performance testing procedures book guides you in thinking like a good diagnostic mechanic. It reduces the thousands of pages of manufacturer testing procedures down to a very quick, concise and accurate way of testing.

No longer do you have to spend hours and hours to arrive at the correct decision of how to repair the car. This book clearly demonstrates the quickest way possible to test the sensors and switches in a car both statically and dynamically.

This book will save you from untold hours of research,reading and static testing methods of the world's biggest car makers.

This book is only 41 pages, but it is hard hitting, in your face ways of testing a car to arrive at the correct decision. It includes four case studies; a no code diagnostic, a failed repair, a code diagnostic, and a P0420 false code.

This book also includes a 4 page printable diagnostic check sheet that should be used to help you focus on the right repair. It includes tips and insights not found in other books..

This book is the advanced companion book to the OBD2 Baseline Procedures Guide and follows on those procedures to eliminate misdiagnosis..

Can This Book Help You?

Take a look at what reviewers had to say about this OBD2 Performance Testing Procedures book.

"I am thoroughly impressed. I have been a big fan of this website and what they offer but these case studies blew me away.

What is the real treasure of this ebook/product is how they figure out what exactly was wrong with these vehicles and how they fix them with the OBD2." stated Walter Mackey @Google Groups

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