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Automotive Service Manuals Pontiac Motor Division

Pontiac Motor Division has always held a reputation of building a quality vehicle and was always concerned with performance. This is shown through innovation like the Chieftan, GTO, Firebird, Trans Am, STE, and the G model. All of these vehicles had several characteristics in common, like ride, handling, and performance even while obtaining good fuel mileage.

Chevrolet of course has always been the price leading division of GM, and of GM's performance car division with the .. Corvette. However, the Pontiac Trans Am was able to offer such performance that it was the pole car for the Indy 500 race and other races.

The Pontiac Motor Division is known for another first, that has never been repeated. They introduced an extremely limited production Firebird in 1985 that had many dealers vying for the opportunity to buy one, which was ultimately sold in auctions to a winning bid customer. Usually far above retail price!

These books from Pontiac are very rare as not many were ever produced and none distributed outside of the manufacturers divisional service training channel. Some of these books are extremely old but the information is as relavent to todays vehicles as when the books were written. We have had them cleaned up to make your reading easier.

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4 Wheel and Cradle Alignment Book

4 Wheel and Cradle Alignment book takes a complex subject and makes it easy to understand what you need to properly perform 4 wheel and cradle alignment procedures.

When the cradle is out of alignment problems like poor performance, increased fuel consumption, abnormal tire wear and more are very common as the vehicle struggles to work.


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4 Wheel and Cradle Alignment Book

Pontiac Driveability Using Section 6 E Book

This manual uses section 6E of the factory service manual to guide the technician through proper servicing of driveability problems including a discussion of intermittents and their causes.

Intermittents are a mechanics worst nightmare as the problem is not consistent and sometimes very hard to identify.


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Pontiac Driveability Using Section 6 E Book
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If you understand how the systems were designed to work and how to test them, great! Otherwise you will need factory product service training manuals that will teach you and guide you through the diagnostic phase.

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