440-T4 (4T60E) Automatic Transmission

gm 440-T4 (4T60E) Automatic Transmission training bookgm 440-T4 (4T60E) Automatic Transmission training book

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This Product Service Training 104 page book is what you need to understand completely this 4 speed automatic front wheel drive transmission. This transmission was used in A, B, C, and H body vehicles. When this transmission went full electronic control it was renamed the 4T60E.
GM PST 17001.12-1A

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: 440-T4 (4T60E) Automatic 4 Speed Transaxles
Pages: 104
Format: digital
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bulletThe foreword by George W. Griffith, general manager of the Hydramatic division of General motors says it best “This manual explains the theory and operation of the 440-T4 automatic transaxle. The detailed text and color illustrations will instruct the reader in the mechanical power flow and hydraulic systems of this unit.

This fully automatic 4-speed (overdrive) front wheel drive transaxle has been designed to meet the needs of today’s high tech, computer controlled engines.”  

bulletThis transaxle was fitted to the A, B, C, and H body cars. Later it was fitted to the N and J series cars. This is the same transmission today in the cars, It has been converted to full electronic control with a new valve body with solenoids enabling PCM (OBD II) control. When this transmission went full electronic control it was renamed the 4T60E.

bulletThis book should be accompanied by the 440-T4 updated hydraulics book.

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