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OBD Diagnostic Computer Command Control (C3) Performance Diagnostics 82- 84

gm Computer Command Control (C3) Performance Diagnostics 82-84 training book gm Computer Command Control (C3) Performance Diagnostics 82-84 training book

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This 150 page Product Service Training book is the companion book to the Computer Command Control (C3) Fundamentals books. This book covers both Generation I and Generation II of OBD I.

Many of these procedures still apply today in OBD II vehicles. This book walks you through proper diagnostics using flow charts (sometimes called Christmas Trees).
GM PST 16016.06-1A

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: C3 Performance Diagnostics
Pages: 150
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $29.95
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The first section “A” covers the Full Function Computer Command Control (C3) OBD I system, followed in section “B” by the Min T system.

It is fully indexed to allow quick retrieval of the information needed. It includes a section on Special Tools required and what they are used for and a Computer Command Control (C3) abbreviations description

Section A is subdivided into three sections.

bulletSection A (1) starts with a Computer Command Control (C3) OBD I system performance test which verifies that the system is functioning and capable of testing.

bulletSection A (2) has flow charts for in depth testing the different trouble codes (DTC) as they apply to the different body codes.  There is a common belief among most home or DIY mechanics as well as some professionals that a DTC has exactly the same meaning and testing procedure from one vehicle to another, this is definitely not true whether the system is OBD I or OBD II and this book clearly illustrates that fallacy in thinking and approach to diagnostics.

bulletSection A (3) covers the diagnostics of related system components that do not have trouble codes but could create problems in the performance of the vehicle. When you are looking for an intermittent problem these systems should not be overlooked whether the system is OBD I or OBD II.

It covers the systems such as ECM replacement check, Air Conditioning, AIR Management, Canister Purge (EVAP), Coolant Fan, EFE (Early Fuel Evaporation), EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), EST (Electronic Spark Timing) performance testing, ESC (Electronic Spark Control) system check, Idle Speed Controls  (ISC, now called IAC), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) enrichment, MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) and BARO (Barometric) output checks, TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) electrical and relay testing, and Engine No Start Testing

bulletSection B covers the Min T system and the diagnostics of that limited operational diagnostic and OBD control systems. The Min T system was used primarily on the Chevrolet Chevette and the Pontiac T1000 car.

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Product Service Training

These books are easy to understand, and applicable to a single subject. The book information is more in depth than even their own service manuals. The books include the original mechanic's notes and we strongly suggest that you read those notes with great care!

These books were never distributed outside of the manufacturers product service training channel.

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