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OBD Diagnostic Computer Command Control (C3) Driveability Diagnosis 81-3

gm Computer Command Control (C3) Driveability 81 -83 training bookgm Computer Command Control (C3) Driveability 81 -83 training book

Product ID 09-200-021

This Product Service Training 94 page book is GMs OBD I generation I first effort at explaining their system and offering insights into testing. This information applies to all Computer Command Control (C3) models made from 1979 to 1983.

It contains lots of information that was not repeated in later Product Service Training publications or their repair manuals as it relates to OBD. It is in the format of an introduction and two sections that was not continued through their publications.
GM PST 16016.09-1B

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: Computer Command Control Driveability
Pages: 94
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $29.95
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bulletThe introduction covers driveability diagnosis, problem selection guides, it covers most of the components with minimum and maximum voltage readings with expected base settings. It covers the setting of carburetor air bleeds, and mixture screws on the E2SE, E2ME, and the E4ME. Also the settings for the Holley 6510C carburetor used on the T cars. There are flow charts for system and component testing.

bulletSection A has a trouble code (DTC) listing by number with, driveability comment, probable causes, and conditions required to set. It includes information on driveability problems which have no stored codes.

bulletSection B discusses the ECM (PCM OBD II) and what constitutes under or over voltage and its programmed responses. There is a driveability corrections chart with possibilities identified based on complaints. Adjustment specifications of items like TPS, ignition timing, ISC, and carburetor adjustment specifications by carburetor model number. And a component usage chart by engine.

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These books are easy to understand, and applicable to a single subject. The book information is more in depth than even their own service manuals. The books include the original mechanic's notes and we strongly suggest that you read those notes with great care!

These books were never distributed outside of the manufacturers product service training channel.

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