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OBD Diagnostic BCM / PFI Electronics Networking 1986 Buick Riviera

Body Control Module Port Fuel Injection Electronics 1986 Buick Riviera training bookBody Control Module Port Fuel Injection Electronics 1986 Buick Riviera training book

Product ID 09-200-020

This is Buick Motor Division’s first explanation of networking and how it functions. The very sophisticated network consisted of the ECM (PCM), Body Control Module (BCM), Heating Venting Air Conditioning (HVAC) module, Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC), central power supply (CPS), Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) interface, and the sub modules. It would benefit any mechanic to read for comprehension this book as it walks the reader through a very through understanding of network communications.
GM PST 10486.01-1

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: Body Control Module / Port Fuel Injection
Pages: xx
Format: digital
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bulletChapter 1 introduces voltages and how computers interpret signals from voltages applied. It explains the differences between analog and digital communications.

bulletChapter 2 discusses the BCM functions, analog to digital converters and sequential sampling, This is followed up with circuit identification.

bulletChapter 3 discusses the ECM (PCM) description, functional operation, service identification, and how it is used to control all previous versions of component control. It then advances into charging, fuel, and cooling system control.

bulletChapter 4 introduces the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC), Central Power Supply (CPS), and the integration into the computer network. This is followed up with an explanation of the CRT interface into the computer network.

bulletChapter 5 provides an introduction into climate control operation and inputs provided within the network.

bulletChapter 6   introduces the components controlled by the BCM, such as the Chime module, headlights, twilight sentinel, illuminated entry panel dimming. Cruise control, and retained accessory power

bulletChapter 7 is about system diagnosis using the self test features of inputs, outputs and override function.

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