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K 34/5 Electronic Custom Cruise III System

gm K34/5 electronic Custom Cruise III training bookgm K34/5 electronic Custom Cruise III training book


PST book covers the electronic Cruise Control system used on GM vehicles and sold to other manufacturers. These system components were later integrated into the PCM, the testing is still very similar.
GM PST 19006.00-4A

Manufacturer: GM
Coverage: Cruise Control Systems - Electronic (K34 - K35)
Pages: 94
Format: digital
Delivery: download

PRICE: $34.95
OBD II Scan Tool
tools to connect to vehicle onboard diagnostic computers

Dealer Specialty Tools
dealer level specialty tools to properly repair without damaging components

This book is divided into 4 sections;

bulletSection 1 explains how to use the Custom Cruise III and its built in limits

bulletSection 2 explains component functions in the system, from stalk switches to the Cruise module and the correct orientation of vacuum check valves.

bulletSection 3 covers how the system works and testing using the normal tools a mechanic should have such as a multi meter, preferably a digital multi meter, a circuit probe, and some jumper wires. It includes a schematic with voltage and resistance values.

bulletSection 4 covers diagnostic procedures of the servo, cruise lever, VSS and column switches on the Y car. It includes procedures for using the Custom Cruise III Quick Checker essential dealer tools supplied by OTC, Kent Moore, and Specmo along with a diagnostic chart. And the required adapter cable for the P car line.

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