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Ford AX4N AX4S Transaxle Diagnosis and Reference Book

ford ax4n ax4s automatic transmission training book  ford ax4n ax4s automatic transmission training book

Product ID 09-200-008

This Ford new model product service training book covers the AX4N and AX4S automatic transaxles. It walks the mechanic technician through the proper steps from diagnosis to full rebuild. It includes a question and answer section to test the knowledge gained.

Manufacturer: Ford
Coverage: AX4N / AX4S Automatic 4 Speed Transaxles
Pages: 156b
Format: digital
Delivery: CD

PRICE: $34.95
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The AX4 series transmissions are identified with the suffix N or S, this designates either synchronized (S) or non-synchronized (N).

This 156 page book thoroughly explains both versions of this 4 speed front wheel drive automatic transaxle in detail. This book with the correct specifications from the factory service manual and necessary specialty tools can be used to properly overhaul this automatic transaxle.

In the book Ford explains that some of the procedures here also apply to the AODE transaxle, which was their 4 speed automatic transaxle in the Taurus. This book when followed correctly could be use by someone with only minimal skills to overhaul one of these transmissions.

bulletLesson1 Overview of new features

bulletLesson 2 Transaxle disassembly

bulletLesson 3 Transaxle powerflow

bulletLesson 4 Transaxle assembly

bulletLesson 5 Transaxle diagnosis




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