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Chrysler 41TE/AE Automatic Transaxle Overhaul

Chrysler 41te ae (413) automatic transaxle training bookChrysler 41te ae (413) automatic transaxle training book

Product ID 09-200-001

Chrysler's text used to properly diagnose, service and overhaul their front wheel drive 4 speed transmissions. This book covers the transmissions used in many Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth passenger cars and minivans.
Chrysler PST # 81-699-41te

Manufacturer: Chrysler
Coverage: 41 TE / AE Automatic 4 Speed Transaxles
Pages: 590 +
Format: Digital
Delivery: CD


PRICE: $34.95
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This is a huge book that walks the mechanic / technician through the proper servicing of these 4 speed automatic front wheel drive transmissions.

This book contains 590+ pages, divided into 12 sections with each thoroughly explained. With this book you will learn how to properly service this transmission in detail. You no longer have to worry if you repaired it properly, this book guides you easily through the repair.

Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 System Identification

Section 3 System Description and Functional Operation

Section 4 Component/Connector/Locations

Section 5 Warnings, Disclaimers, Safety Information

Section 6 Field Experience

Section 7 Diagnostic Procedures

Section 8 Removal and Installation Procedures

Section 9 Specificattions

Section 10 Wiring Diagrams

Section 11 Specxial Tools

Section 12 Refinements



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