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Wipers, Blades and Vision Enhancements

Consulting a vehicle owner manual about recommended replacement intervals there is never a finite statement found there. It usually states something like “When they are streaking, or squeaking on the glass, or are failing to clear the glass” then replace them.

Some wiper products manufacturers (eg: Anco) recommend replacing blades every 6 months.

On the surface such statements seem like they are very commonsense and practical, until you think of when you would discover that your wipers need replaced and that is when it rains and you need them the most.

As a preventative maintenance wiper blades should be replaced at yearly intervals, however without maintenance on them they probably will not last that long. You should inspect the rubber part for tears or fraying if either is present replace them. Here are some basic things to make your wipers last longer;

When washing the vehicle lift the wiper blades and clean the windshield of the road grime and dirt that builds up using a cleaner that is safe for glass such as Bon Ami and a sponge.  Next use the washing towel or mitten to gently wash both sides of the rubber part by caressing both sides gently at one end and wiping to the opposite end. This process will remove most of the road grime and dirt from the blades. Repeat the process until no more dirt is removed. If it has been a while since they were cleaned this way it may take several cleanings.

Test the wiper cleaning capability by spraying some water on the windshield and turn the wipers on. If they clean without streaking or making noise they are still serviceable, if not replace them.

There are many suppliers of wiper blade products and even a larger number of private label products. The three biggest competitors in the industry are Anco, Bosch, and Trico.  Complete wiper blades are not expensive and can typically be purchased for as little as $3.99 each.

For those annoying times when there is a mist that obscures your vision but it is not enough to apply the wipers even in the lowest setting there are coatings that can be applied that literally forces the mist to bead and drain from the windshield thus keeping your vision clear. Most of these coatings are silicone based and do a decent job. Recently Trico Products introduced a coating that bonds to the glass, and lasts longer than traditional coatings. It helps with keeping ice, snow and even dirt and bugs from adhering. It can be used on all the exterior glass including mirrors. This product is called “Trico View” it is available at most parts stores.

To apply these coatings while you have a clean windshield; allow it to dry, lift the blades and arms away from the previously cleaned windshield and apply the coating per the manufacturers’ instructions. 

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