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Has GM Really Changed?

There is quite a bit of fallout from GM’s failure to recall switch defect vehicles that have caused 13 deaths and now there is more coming to light everyday. Like many of you, I have been keeping up with the testimony that new CEO Mary Barra, both had to give and what appeared to be verbal abuse that she was taking from our elected representatives. I actually felt sorry for her and was thinking she was made CEO to be a ‘sacrificial goat’ for this.

However, facts that came to light on Friday 11 April, 2014 clearly show that she is part of the GM culture that will not go away. In an email document that our House of Representatives received from GM clearly shows that General Motors CEO Mary Barra was made aware of power steering problems with the Saturn Ion back in October of 2011, when she was head of product development. It took the company more than two years to recall the cars for that problem

When Barra received the 2011 email, the company’s safety and recall operations reported to her.

She has distanced herself from GM’s slow action on safety issues in the past, saying she’s trying to install a culture that is focused on consumer protection.

These facts now have me questioning how much more there is coming and I am more positive every day that GM should have been allowed to die instead of go into bankruptcy.

Everyone of us, whether we are professional mechanics or customers of carmakers should be aware of the risks associated with the cars and the propaganda machines they use to influence our decisions. I’m not sure if we could ever depend on anything that the carmakers said, but now that is even more true. At best their statements are most likely camouflage for the truth.

Some of you may not know that GM has made and sold vehicles in Europe for decades. Their primary labels there are Opel, Vauxhall and Chevrolet. In China they manufacture as Baojun, and in Korea as Daewoo.

As you recall Bob Stewart in his presentation to NASTF suggested that GM is for Intellectual Property rights and he chastised China as a violator and suggested China makes inferior products.

Let’s examine GM’s latest demonstration of IP rights.

First let’s watch the video “The Delivery” from Range Rover in March 2013 starring Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond “007” secret agent. This was Range Rover’s launch video for the 2014 Range Rover Sport. Listen to the music very closely.

Range Rover is part of the Jaguar Land Rover division owned by Tata Motors of India.

Now, watch the video used to promote GM’s new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the music in it. Pay very close attention to the music in the first 20 seconds of the video.

If you want to download copies of these MP4 video files to your computer, just CLICK HERE to retrieve both files from us as a single zip file. Yes, this is compliant with Youtube licensing.

We have re-examined GM’s supposed support of IP rights, now let’s look at Bob Stewart’s suggestion of inferior quality of China products by comparing the safety of GM, Chrysler, and Ford vehicles to China’s new entry the Qoros 3 Sedan in Euro NCAP safety tests.

Make & Model Stars Adult Child Pedestrian Safety Assist
Chevrolet Trax 5 star 94% 85% 64% 81%
Opel/Vauxhall Adam 4 star 87% 72% 65% 81%
Ford Ecosport 4 star 93% 77% 58% 55%
Ford Tourneo Connect 5 star 94% 85% 62% 70%
Jeep Cherokee 5 star 92% 79% 67% 74%
Qoros 3 Sedan 5 star 95% 87% 77% 81%

As you can clearly see from the numbers, the Quoros 3 Sedan from China is a superior safety vehicle to these three manufacturers tested vehicles for 2013. If you care to compare all the tested vehicles for 2013, CLICK HERE.

If you remember, GM and other carmakers chastised Mercedes Benz about their refusal to use the new R1234yf refrigerant, which Mercedes says is unsafe. GM has been using this new refrigerant from Dupont – Honeywell for a couple years now in their vehicles. GM has been suggesting that it is safe for us to use in our cars.

From statements made by Chrysler employees at a recent conference, this new refrigerant comes in a 10 pound cylinder that cost repair shops $1300.00. What the retail price of this will be is unknown currently. Also this new refrigerant requires lots of new equipment for the service shops to repair vehicle air conditioning systems.

New studies from Ludwig Maximilians Universität München tell us that when the new R1234yf refrigerant burns, it releases highly toxic chemical carbonyl fluoride gas and is structurally related to phosgene, a chemical weapon during the First World War.

Professor Kornath suggests everyone re-examine the usage of this product as he and the chemists are concerned with our safety.

Please read the article here.

Does this sound to you like GM has changed?

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