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GM's Cadillac ELR plugin vs Tesla Model S

In the previous article, ďBob Stewartís NASTF ĎWhoís Cheating Whomí PresentationĒ, we looked at what he said and realized that GM is still doing everything it can the old way and trying to maximize profits from their Tech II that is simply overpriced. This in effect raises repair cost to the motoring public that buys their cars.

Now letís look at the newly released GM Cadillac ELR plugin, and this is more evidence of how they view the customer which can be both the car purchaser and the mechanic. Several journalists have compared this new Cadillac to the Tesla Model S. This comparision is most likely what GM is suggesting to the journalists. This obviously is being promoted as GMís answer to the Tesla, so letís use the same comparison to understand GMís thinking.

But first letís examine the two companies from a resource perspective. GM has over 100 linear years of car making under itís belt. GM produced an Electric Vehicle, the EV1 in 1997, and by the time Gen II of the EV1 was delivered it had an EPA certified range of 140 miles on NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.

Along comes a new car maker, Tesla, that focuses their efforts on a single goal of producing an EV that is not only fun to drive, good to look at, and has great performance, but has the range that the public wants and needs. They produced the Model S, which quite literally is taking the EV world by storm. By that I mean demand is greater than supply currently and in some European countries you could sell a used Tesls Model S for more than it cost.

Tesla builds two versions that have EPA certified ranges of over 200 miles plus on a single charge. They are not a hybrid vehicle like the Cadillac ELR plugin, they are strictly an electric vehicle. Through proper design and engineering they have made a quality, performance EV that not only has a range greater than their competitors. It is priced from $63,000.00 to $70,000.00, and they are trying to get as many of these into the publicís hands as possible through direct sales Ė no dealership. But of course they are being fought by car dealer associations that are not ready for the 21st century way of doing business.

GMís Cadillac ELR plugin (hybrid) has an EV range of only 37 miles, and a gasoline powered 4 cylinder to charge the battery. It is priced from $80,000.00. This very low range means the battery is going to be deleted more frequently and need recharging. As anyone knows the more you cycle the battery the shorter its life.

With all of GMís expertise in auto manufacturing and the EV1, why canít they get the range above 37 miles? How can an upstart like Tesla produce a better EV, with a range multiple over GMís Cadillac ELR plugin and at a lower cost? Something doesnít sound right!

At this time, the cost of a replacement battery is unknown, but it is safe to say several thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars.

So if you decide to buy one of GMís Cadillac ELR plugins instead of buying a Tesla Model S, you can look forward to paying $10,000.00 more to start, you still have to buy gasoline for the engine, there will be maintenance cost of the engine like spark plugs, oil changes, coolant changes, etc and you will still be generating CO2 and contributing to pollution. And letís not forget the battery is going to need replacement most likely more frequently.

To have that GM Cadillac logo on that new car, you can look forward to spending somewhere north of $20,000.00 more for an inferior car.

When these GM Cadillac ELRs have aged enough to be sold to a second owner, maybe you, and the battery no longer holds a charge, and you visit your favorite mechanic to discover why. He tells you that you need that a new battery and itís going to cost you $15,000.00. You are not going to be happy about this! Not a good scenario.

So what do you think of how GM views its customers?

Keep in mind that as Tesla gets more battery production online, they will increase car production and they have promised a Tesla quality EV for the mass public starting at only $30,000.00. Sounds like a win win for everyone that wants to wean themselves away from ĎBig Oilí and car makers that have the wrong view of their customer.

Tesla has released their latest verson of the ModelS, it is a 4 wheel drive performance model that is not only faster than mony "Supercars" but delivers excellent traction in all weather including snow and ice. It is only slightly more costly than the standard Model S.

Tesla has also announced their plans to have the new "GigaFactory' battery production facility up and running soon. This will allow Tesla to not only manufacture EV batteries at a significant price reduction, but they will start remanufacturing failed EV batteries which of course helps our planet!

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