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Big Boys and Their TOYS

Ask any woman and she will tell you that all men are just ‘big boys’ and they still like their toys. It simply is that their ‘toys’ seem to grow with them.

As my children were growing up, I was introduced to the fictional universe of the Transformers on Saturday morning cartoons. Transformers are sentient humanoid robots from the planet  Cybertron. The two main groups are (Republicans and Democrats) Autonomous Robotic Organisms Autobots  and Decepticons (possibly Deceptive Contenders), both can transform into machines, vehicles, aircraft and other familiar mechanical objects.

The "Heroic Autobots" are opposed by the Evil Decepticons--the main antagonists in the Transformers. Since the Autobots are supposedly cars that transform into robots and vice verse, and being in the auto industry I had a natural like for them.

You can easily get drawn into the fictional universe of the Transformers, as this has been proven through various toys, graphic novels, paperback books, cartoons and feature length films first introduced in 1984. In both the cartoons and the feature length films, the Transformers through animation and computer graphics we were allowed to see the transformation of the characters. This has been the only transformation capable


transformer version 8 by kenji ishida

Kenji Ishida, a Japanese genius has been steadily working on making a robot that can transform. His latest version is called ‘Transformer Version 8’. It is built using a common remote controlled car and 22 electric motors, so that it transforms as all Transformers should, but never actually do.

Kenji Ishida and a team from JS Robotics place in the pantheon of great thinkers and inventors is now assured. 

Watch the video closely as inside the case at the start of the video suggests that Version 8 is even controlled using a modified PS3 pad.

There's no hint that it's set for production - which is a tragedy, because should this go on sale it would, without a doubt, lead to a Jingle All The Way style shopper frenzy, surpassing anything that's ever happened outside an Apple store. There is mention of Version 9 being readied, perhaps that will be completed in time and made commercially available for the Christmas gift giving season.

Here is the video. Enjoy!



Note to all women married to a ‘Big Boy’: If these are available, we would surely like it if you and Santa Claus can get us one for Christmas!

Maybe even some of the ‘little boys’ would like one. You think?


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